Aria Afghan is one of the largest manufacturers of paints, resins, driers and metal cans in Afghanistan. With more than 12 years of experience in the field of coatings and specialized chemicals, we are one of the leaders in our industry. Aria Afghan is committed to offering customers high quality, premium products. We believe that the key to our success has been consistency in our production of innovative and high quality products. Aria Afghan is the most widely recognized brand in the paint industry in Afghanistan.


  • Semi Gloss Alkyd Paint
  • Enamel Opaque Glossy Paint
  • Under Coat(based on Alkyd Resine)
  • Glossy Alkyd Varnish (A)
  • Anti Corrosive Paint
  • Anti Corrosive Paint
  • Road Marking Paint
  • Acrylic Paint for exterior application
  • Plastic Paint Interior

 Herat business center, 4th floor

+93 799 44 10 40
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