Aria Afghan was established in 2003 in the industrial town of Herat using the modern machineries and was authorized by the Department of Mines and Industries. The primary factory included Office space and a Laboratory. In 2005, was officially inaugurated by Mr. Ah Zia Masoud (Vice president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan), Mohammad Ismael (Minister of Energy and Water), Mr. Obaidullah Ramin (Minister of Agriculture), Mr. Amin Farhang (Minister of Commerce), Mr. Karim Khorum (Minister of Information and Culture and other officials, Head of governmental departments in Herat.

Aria Afghan is one of the largest manufacturers of paints, resins, driers and metal cans in Afghanistan. With more than 12 years of experience in the field of coatings and specialized chemicals, we are one of the leaders in our industry. Aria Afghan is committed to offering customers high quality, premium products. We believe that the key to our success has been consistency in our production of innovative and high quality products. Aria Afghan is the most widely recognized brand in the paint industry in Afghanistan.
Our mission is to provide customers with outstanding value through quality products at affordable prices.


  • Herat,
  • Kabul,
  • Kandahar,
  • Ghazni,
  • Helmand,
  • Mazaar e sharif,
  • Jalal e abad 

Aria Afghan Paint Company Goals:

Aria Afghan Paint Company start its activity in Herat Industrial Town in the field of producing different kinds of oil and plastic, anti-corrosive, traffic, and primer paints relying on the experience of its founding board with the aim of continuous improvement of its function and attracting customer’s satisfaction.

Thus, senior management of the organization has based its main mandatories to fulfill the requirements of integrated quality management system that meets the following:

  • Increasing market share and offering products in new markets in the country and abroad.
  • Daily increasing of products’ quality through effective controls based on related standards.
  • Enhancing knowledge and efficiency of the staff by necessary and effective trainings.
  • Preventing and controlling environmental pollution arising from company’s activities and processes based on rules, regulations, and other obligations.
  • Besides supporting all determined goals, Aria Afghan expected its staff to set targets in line with management's policy.

Aria Afghan Paint Company Message:

We have only one simple philosophy in our work.

We make well, we test carefully, We proudly sell, we enthusiastically support,

And all these are based on the customer’s right.

 Herat business center, 4th floor

+93 799 44 10 40
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